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Photo Courtesy of Alex Witkowicz

Photo Courtesy of Alex Witkowicz

STEPHAN WERK is a Denver, Colorado based photographer, director and producer. Born and raised in Santa Monica, California in the film and travel industry, he always had a passion for exploration and cameras.

Prior to Denver, Stephan lived in New York City, where he worked with top commercial photographers and video production companies.

Stephan launched Werk Creative in 2015 in New York City.

In recent years, Werk Creative has had the opportunity to shoot and produce creative photography and video content for clients ranging in many industries.

From project conception to delivery, Werk Creative works with a team of highly professional and talented crew, always delivering high quality content in a fast paced environment. Available world wide.

Clients Include:


WERK CREATIVE. 2525 18th Street, Denver, Colorado 80211. Phone: 720-908-2108

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